HashCore has a secured mining farm with a storage capacity of 50,000 miners. Based in Europe our farm is fitted with high-performance ventilation system, appropriate electricity supply and high-speed internet connection to guarantee the best quality and cost-effective services to all our clients.

At HashCore we provide a turkey service giving users peace of mind at all time.

Our qualified technical team and mining experts on-site 24/7 monitors the operation of the system and controls that your miners are running good.
We supervise the mining operations through dedicated softwares to reduce downtime risks and maximise your cryptocurrency’s incomes.

We maintain your equipments with effective dust extraction systems and monitor temperature and humidity in the air to offer a long lifetime for the miners of all our clients.



  • Up to 10 miners

    15¢ per kW/h

    No hidden fees
    All mining services included*

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    Small facility

  • 11 to 50 miners

    13.75¢ per kW/h

    No hidden fees
    All mining services included*

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  • GOLD
    Mining Farm

  • 51 to 99 miners

    13¢ per kW/h including:

    No hidden fees
    All mining services included*

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    Large mining farm

  • 100+ miners

    11.75¢ per kW/h including:

    No hidden fees
    All mining services included*

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* Full services are included: Hosting, Electricity, Maintenance, Insurance, Downtime coverage, Setup, Pool linking.


One time cost

Mining Hardware

Pay for your miners with BTC, BCH, ETH, Credit Card, Paypal

Monthly cost

Hosting and Electricity

No payment needed, we simply send you an invoice each month for the fees


Guaranteed Weekly payments on your wallet

 Cheapest electricity cost in Europe

No setup on your part

No Maintenance fees

No rental fees

No Shipping cost

Mine your favorite coins and relax, we’ve got your back !


Order your mining GPU Rigs or Asics

Receive your “Ready to Mine” mining devices

You know how to configure and link your miner to a pool and to your wallet, Great !

You don’t know how to set everything up, no worries Add our “Mining Setting Service” when purchasing your miners, our HashCore team will handle everything*.

*HashCore takes no responsibility on the behalf of their customers, therefore creating your wallet and your pool account has to be done by yourself for confidentiality and security purposes however HashCore will pre-configure your miner and assist you in each step by remote service system.


Order your mining GPU Rigs or Asics

Choose the Cryptocurrency you want to mine

HashCore hosts your miners in our secure HashCore Mining Farm Facility

HashCore configures your miner and links for immediate mining and earning

Every day your mining earnings are delivered to your wallet

Every month HashCore settles an  invoice for the hosting services of your miners

You can stop mining with us at anytime, HashCore will ship you back your miners at location of your choice

After 12 months of mining you have 2 options:

  1. HashCore sends you back your miners. Delivery fees are on your cost. We settle an invoice for the shipping cost through your account on, once it’s paid we ship back your miners.
  2. HashCore BuyBack option: HashCore buys back your miner equipments for 15% of total purchase value after 12 months. Buy back option allows you to reinvest in new and faster hash rate miners after their annual break-even. No mining downtime between the purchase of your new miners and the sale of your old miners, continue earning coins with HashCore !