HashCore is a cryptocurrency mining company brought to you by a team of crypto mining experts. We have been involved in the cryptocurrency revolution since the early days of Bitcoin and have many years experience in cryptocurrency market, mining and especially in computing hardware since 2001 throughout our mother company Tronix Limited based in London UK.

At HashCore we try to be as transparent as possible and inform our customers on how mining works with the complex nature of mining and changing factors such as mining difficulty, cryptocurrency exchange rates, utility costs, hardware costs etc…

We provide hardware mining solutions and mining farm hosting to all kind of users, helping them to invest conscientiously in mining cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and many other Altcoins.

Our goal is to enable all users to access easily and safely crypto currencies mining without taking into consideration their age, nationality, location, investment, their knowledge in the crypto currency industry or in highly specialized computing hardware.

HashCore offers full services for mining cryptocurrencies, from selling mining hardware, to building and configurating GPU rigsAsics miners, pool linking, crypto coins advices and hosting miners in our dedicated low cost mining farm facility.
The cryptocurrency revolution is underway and HashCore is your one-stop partner.