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You have your own miners?

While we strive to provide the best turnkey solution for our mining customers with a perfect workflow from providing the miners to hosting them, we also provide hosting for the miners that you already have! All miners can be hosted with HashCore Mining,Asic miners, GPU rigs, closed rackmount rigs, Ucase rigs. Give us some informations and we will get back to you in less than 24h.

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We Love Mining

Here at HashCore mining colocation we really believe in cryptocurrency and most importantly in blockchain technology and mining crypto currency. We try to provide our customers with the best service possible with our expertise and knowledge in mining operations accumulated over time.

HashCore Mining Benefits

  • No hidden costs
  • No Facility rental fee
  • No System Downtime
  • No setup on your side
  • No Shipping costs
  • Buy back option

Custom Mining Solutions

  • Custom mining hardware on demand
  • Mining equipment financing
  • Private pool creation
  • Reinvestment of mining profits
  • Cryptocurrency advising and expertise
  • Fast algorithm switching

How do we offer such services ?

At HashCore we have been optimizing all aspects of our mining operations from the power consumption of our facilities and sites, equipments and miners to reducing the cost of our installations while guaranteeing secured and dedicated mining farms to all our customers. Our datacenters and mining sites are located in USA and Europe and has on site operational staff and security 24/7.

Cost saving and improving profitability for our customers is very important to us as well as running mining operations in the best conditions. Methods such as reducing air flow cooling systems distance enables to cool effectively while reducing power consumption, other methods such as using high-performance transformers, routers also allows us to reduce cost and offer attractive colocation services and mining contracts to our customers.
While the volume of our users increases every day, our structure costs has decreased, thus allowing HashCore to offer low cost and high quality mining services to all our users.

Working with Top Companies

  • At HashCore Mining we have choosen the best partners and suppliers for best mining practices. We have selected high end brands and well known companies in the cryptocurrency industry that can offer optimum products and services with high quality, good efficiency and warranty so our customers can mine with peace of mind at all time !

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