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The best cryptocurrency signal providers – because we know your hard earned bitcoin can be multiplied and we also know there are a LOT of SCAMS in this space, we have decided to create the list of the best cryptocurrency signal providers and overall services for cryptocurrency trading based on several factors.
We test the team response, the actuality of the user base (no fake users), the pricing, performance and precision of every cryptocurrency signal provider we list.
This here list of  is a quick review for the best cryptocurrency signal providers on telegram that is updated regularly.
We are not affiliated in any way with any of the cryptocurrency signal providers and we do not take payment for listing on this page.

We believe that for new traders or people that have experience in trading but not in cryptocurrency, having a trusted non biased, non sponsored, non affiliated resource for deciding weather a cryptocurrency signal provider is good or not is of the upmost importance. Because we are miners and our revenues highly depend on trading and getting out of the market at the right moment we believe that this list can help anyone that wants to trade cryptocurrency.

Please note that these are all paid(premium or vip) signal groups and channels on telegram. Telegram is the weapon of choice for these crypto signal providers because it offers flexibility in the API and allows providers to quickly post signals to the masses.

wdt_ID Signal Provider Name Updated Last month Precision Exchanges Website Price Status
3 Sublime Traders 06/09/2020 110% 80%-90% BINANCE
Spot markets- $49/Mo
Futures Markets- $49/Mo
Spot + Futures – $69/Mo
4 Onward BTC 06/09/2020 45% 30-40% BINANCE
5 Fat Pig Signals 06/09/2020 55% 65% BINANCE 1 ETH/3 Mo
1.5 ETH/6 Mo
2.5 ETH/Year
6 Bob’s Crypto Signals 06/09/2020 90% 60%-70% BINANCE
0.015 BTC/MO
0.03 BTC/3MO
0.05 BTC/6MO
7 Blockchain Whispers 06/09/2020 BINANCE 0.147 BTC/MO
0.397 BTC/3 MO
1.47 BTC/Year
8 Whaletank Premium 06/09/2020 49% BINANCE
9 4C Trading 06/09/2020 60% 70%-85% BINANCE $162.32/MO APPROVED
10 VvIP Signals 06/09/2020 BINANCE SCAM
11 Crypto Classics 06/09/2020 BINANCE $75/MO
$225/3 MO

Check out our Reviews section for detailed information on each cryptocurrency signal provider in the list

If you are a signal provider and you find your signal with the Status NOT RECOMMENDED or SCAM and you want to update your status please contact us with actual proof on : user base, trades executed (not posted, but executed), as much information as possible in order to have a chance for an update.

We care a lot about fake members in the telegram channels, while some signal providers are flooded by bots, we think that they have the responsability to new users to display real numbers that may not affect the clients judgement.

If you want to submit a new channel for review fill out our new form.

What are cryptocurrency trading signals?

Cryptocurrency trading signals , also called trading calls are crucial pieces of information that come from professional or experienced traders and are used by new traders that need help improving the PNL or seasoned traders that need confirmations in their trades.

Choosing the best crypto signal provider is important in multiple ways.You will save your assets and your time just by doing a bit of research.

On this page we are as neutral as possible. We started this page because we found there are not many unbiased signal provider lists out there and wanted to push out as much information as possible.

Follow us regularly to find updates on our lists as well as featured reviews.

Cryptocurrency scams are so common it’s almost goes along with the word “cryptocurrency”. Wen we are talking about signals , these are the factors that might scream SCAM:
– Extremely high number of users(more than 20-30k subscribers in the free channels most certainly means fake members, bots etc…not cool)
– Admins not responding at all or responding like you are the last person on earth, doesn’t give a *** about your questions… too busy.
– Admins with bad english (Mostly russian and Indian) they are the most known for scamming
– Promise of extremely high profits. Don’t expect to get rich overnight. It doesn’t exist on this planet(legally), go to Mars and try.
– Too cheap or too expensive. This is a clear signal, if it’s too cheap, a signal provider must pay for the time spent into the trading signals, if they don’t manage to do it they mostly close the activity. The average price for this service is between $45-$100 per month.

What qualifies as scam?

Approved - qualified crypto signal providers

The Approved cryptocurrency signal providers have been tested in their paid versions by our team at some point in time, and are updated either from their free versions or contact with clients that are still in the paid versions. We never take the admins word for granted.

This is a list of features that every GOOD signal provider should have:

  • Has complete website -100 points
  • Has quality promo video /Youtube channel -100 points
  • Has a clear pricing list-100 points
  • Has good customer support, fast admin response-100 points
  • Stops trading in uncertain times, stops subscriptions-100 points
  • Accepts credit card/ Paypal-50 points
  • Has accuracy of 60%+ on first review-50 points
  • Has good channel structure and doesn't post non essential messages-50 points

Best Bitmex crypto signals?

Trading on Bitmex can be both the path to goo fortune or the path to complete bankruptcy, therefore choosing the best crypto signal provider for Bitmex is very important.

Here’s a checklist before deciding to go with a Bitmex signal provider:

  • Must have good precision in trades (70% or plus is best)
  • Must not provide crypto signals with a low Risk Reward ratio (Ex: 1 to 1)
  • Must not provide signals with 30X Leverage or more as it can really break your account in case the signal fails
  • Must provide some form of analysis with the signal and why they posted it.


How To Find The Best Crypto Signals Provider?

Finding the best crypto signal provider is not an easy task , you have to really take your time and do your research before finding the best sources for your trading calls. In a time where almost everyone lies we need to have some sort of unbiased entity that tests them all and provides feedback. This is where we come in. We try to test every signal provider one by one, test the signals for every market, like Bitmex signals or Binance Signals, compare our results with the announced results and the overall quality of the signal service.

Here’s a checklist before deciding to go with a signal provider:

  • Decide what you want to trade(Futures for Bitmex and Bybit signals, or FTX for some)
  • Contact admin and see how they react to pre sale inquiries
  • If possible ask around in the free communities
  • Pricing should not be a problem (if a crypto signal provider is good you will pay back your subscription in 2-3 trades)

Best Crypto Signal providers Reviews

Sublime Traders Review

Sublime traders has a team of 3 admins that provide cryptocurrency trading signals for spot markets and futures markets. A friendly and active team, good signals and a multitude of tools make this group a good option to check for trading cryptocurrency.

Overall rating

Final note: 5/5

Bitmex, Bybit, Binance, Coinbase, Bitfinex and FTX

One of the best tested admin response times. Friendly and helpful replies.

Their service offers a variety of channels for all trading styles with the latest addition of Scalping.

Not all traders join the Group chat, we found it silent at times.

Latest test result was for May-June we have followed 10 trades and won 8 for a total profit for 32%. Many other signals were posted but we didn’t follow for personal reasons.

4c Trading Review

4c trading is a team based in Belgium that offer quality content and signals. They have been active on and off on youtube and provide streams regularly.  The main downside of this service provider is that they force users to buy access to their trading room and signals, so users can’t ”just benefit” from their services, leading to an increased price on a monthly basis.

Overall rating

Final note: 4.5/5

Good admin response time

Web based dashboard, telegram signals

Active community

Latest test result was for July with a win rate of 60%.

OnwardBTC Review

Manned by one single admin or point of contact, Onward BTC tries to provide crypto trading signals with a highly technical approach. The admin posts videos regularly that sometimes provide good value.

Overall rating

Final note: 4/5

Bitmex, Bybit, Binance

Response time of 1-3 Hrs, helpful admin.

They provide automated and manual signals. The automated are sometimes in contradiction with the manuals.

Active group chat, yet not very informative

Latest test month was May and we followed 3 signals out of 8 and won 0. Apparently May wasn’t their month.

FatPig Signals Review

FatPig Signals is one of the oldest signal providers out there. It seems to be run by 2 active admins. They provide some technical analysis for their trades and have a very active community.

Overall rating

Final note: 3.9/5

Helpful support from the admins with an average response time of 1hr.

Signals for spot market with Technical analysis

Very active

Latest test was in May-June and we have followed 2 signals out of many. Both of them were wins but many other calls that we didn’t take stop lossed. 

Mininghamster signals Review

Mininghamster offers the cheapest signals out there however we have encounterd issues with support and telegram connection. We therefore based our results on the latest signals panel in the web interface. 
Note: No direct admin chat, only mail support that doesn’t reply

Overall rating

Final note: 3,8/5

Binance, bittrex, poloniex, kukoin

None, no reply through mail, no telegram contact.

They provide signals for spot markets , a complete web panel that allows you to integrate signals with trading bots and telegram(non functional in our case)

No public community

They push a lot of signals into the web intergaface, we have followed 10 signals and 5 were winners, 3 losers and 2 still open. We didn’t appreciate the overcomplicated structure of the signals.

Altsignals Review

Altsignals is one of the biggest signal providers out there for cryptocurrency trading signals. Admins do not provide any technical analysis and claim that their calls come from a tradingview indicator. Our main issues with this provider is the price and the 1 to 1 Risk reward ratio trades. Also the reports seem to be faked and “optimized”. 

Overall rating

Final note: 2.8/5

Binance,Bitmex, Binance Futures

Fast response time . No trading help though.

They provide signals for spot, futures and forex.

None, only telegram channels

Even if they claim 1000% + profit per month, this is to be taken with a grain of salt. They only post trades with 1 to 1 risk rewards ratio which we all know is unsustainable in the long run. Out of 10 trades, 4 stop lossed, 3 reached take profit and 2 were open for 1 month plus.

This list is non exhaustive, we update it on a weekly basis so feel free to check back regularly

Best cryptocurrency trading signals – trying to shed some light in an unregulated space