HashCore blockchain developement and security

Blockchain Development

We implement public or private blockchains tailored to your needs, using data that will be stored using the latest cryptography-based technologies.
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Smart Contract Development

We develop smart contrats based on the Ethereum, Tron or other blockchains. The smart contract will verify and enforce the performance of a transaction agreement.
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Smart Contract Audits

Already own a smart contract? The Hashcore Dev team will test and optimize the code and identify security breaches or flaws.

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Crowdsale for Initial Coin Offerings

We develop efficient smart contracts that are to be used in ICO's(Initial Coin Offerings). This is one of the best suitable funding options for decentralized applications.

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Cryptocurrency Wallets

Storing cryptocurrency is a crucial part of the life of a contract or coin. HashCore can develop ergonomic and reliable cryptocurrency wallets be it multisig or traditional , that offer secure digital asset management.
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Cryptocurrency Exchanges

We develop from scratch cryptocurrency trading platforms (crypto exchange, like Kraken, Binance ) be it centralized or decentralized (DEX), our team boasts experts in multiple domains that let us provide a fully featured cryptocurrency exchange .
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Cryptocurrency mobile applications

We develop mobile applications that are standalone or correlated to an existing web platform. Mobile apps such as cryptocurrency wallets, cryptocurrency exchanges, other platforms.
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Cyber security and pentesting

The cryptocurrency sphere is constantly menaced by security threats. Our dedicated security team can test and maintain any centralized or decentralized application.
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A Hyperledger is an opensource collaborative project hosted by the Linux foundation , it was created to advance cross-industry blobkchain technologies. Our team can build private or public applications based on the Hyperledger.
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Hashcore custom software developement

The HashCore Dev team strives to provide the best blockchain developement features and services possible and in order to do so we provide full stack developement services like smart contract developement, back-end testing and implementations, DAPP developement and mobile applications (wallets, exchange platforms, other blockchain apps).
We also provide architectural design, programming, graphic design, prototyping, testing and optimization for performance, pre and post release support and software maintenance.
We can provide a fully custom solution using our own resources from scratch or work as an extension of your team letting you in charge of developing part or the whole software structure.

Blockchain is a technology that is changing the way data is stored and allocated and is slowly but surely changing the way businesses operate. Therefore it is important to ensure that the blockchain and the data it stores are properly protected. Our team can maintain and test any blockchain solution, DAPP or mobile application.

The HashCore approach

HashCore is a cryptocurrency mining and blockchain developement company based in Europe.
Once we have understood your business model anbd objectives we will provide advice and guide you to the best approach you can take on your project. In order to provide the best possible service, we will implement your blockchain solution in small steps so you can provide us your feedback along the way.
Our workflow includes regular testing of the product in the development phase in such manner that if we detect flaws or bugs we can isolate and correct them as soon as possible. This workflow insures proper behaviour on product launch and reducing of eventual launch delays.
The HashCore dev team also provides post-release support and maintenance in order to ensure that the project remains performant as intended.

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