100% Profit guaranteed after rental period !

Hashcore offers a unique and secured way of earning cryptocurrency assets for miners owners.

How it works

  • You have your own miners
  • You send your miners to Hashcore
  • Hashcore takes care of all mining operations, maintenance...
  • Hashcore offers your miners on rental for 12 months - Hashcore Mining Contract (see page here)
  • You receive immediately payout of your miner for the total 12 months rental + 50% deposit on the value of your miner + 50% at the termination of the rental period

What you get

  • You won't depend on the cryptocurrency exchange rate, mining difficulty... anymore
  • No management on your side
  • You remain the owner of your miner at all time
  • 100% Profit guaranteed after rental period

What we get

  • More mining contracts for our customers
  • Better electricity rates with more miners
  • Collaborate with new partners
  • Contribute to the mining ecosystem

At HashCore we offer more than mining and hosting services. We share our expertise and knowledge of the crypto mining industry and offer unique partnerships and joint-ventures with all businesses and investors in the cryptocurrency space.

In USA and Europe, we are always searching and selecting the best locations offering great spots with suitable facilities or sites for mining operations including large power capacity and cheap electricity to increase the profits of our partner's mining operations.

All operational management is taken care by HashCore, from the electrical installations, the ventilation systems, the low voltage transformer installations with specialized electricity companies and engineers, the employment of qualified staff and dedicated mining experts, the sourcing of all equipments to the set up of the entire facility to offer a turnkey solution to all partners.

Whether you wish to open a crypto currency mining farm for your own mining operations or offer cloud mining contracts, selling hash power or hosting services, Hashcore is your one-stop partner !