GRIN Coin mining just got a hell of a lot easier with CUDO

Grin is your community-led execution of this Mimblewimble blockchain, a brand-new cryptocurrency that boasts both privacy and scalability. But it is notoriously hard to mine -- till today.

Cudo Miner's lightweight GUI applications miner implements Grin's complete Cuckaroo29 and Cuckatoo31 evidence of perform calculations beneath the hood, so mining Grin onto a Windows or Linux rig is currently just a couple clicks away.

Grin was just found in January, but has a significant following from the mining world because of the novel proof of perform algorithms which prefer high-end GPUs. For the very first time, mining is memory latency-bound rather than compute-bound so it is immune to ASICs -- for today.

But, it is not a simple ASIC to design and construct. For starters, just 1 Grin algorithm is known as"ASIC-friendly" -- that the so called Cuckatoo31 (C31) PoW algorithm. And there are limitations to the number of GB of SRAM could be squeezed to a processor, so a restricting variable is die size. HashCore mining is able to advise clients on how to best configure their rigs for mining GRIN Coin

"SRAM latency is essentially zero so lean mining is restricted by maximum die size which may be manufactured. For mean mining that the limitation is bandwidth. C31 is asic targeted, since the PoW isn't going to change later on and doesn't have anti-asic steps such as C29."

This usually means the ASIC miners for C31 will probably be expensive -- over $6,000 in the event of Obelisk -- and even after that, it is not clear just how much of a performance increase it will provide you. For contrast, the SHA-256 algorithm utilized by Bitcoin is well-suited to ASICs as a customized processor can calculate one new double-SHA-256-hash by a significantly smaller region of silicon compared to a CPU, and it may do this in much fewer clock cycles.

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While the ASIC makers figure out it, it usually means that GPU mining channels have the top hand.

Together with Cudo Miner's newest news statement, you do not have to devote time in the control line figuring out it . As Matt Hawkins, the Cudo Miner CEO, stated:"Our purpose is to make it as easy and dependable as possible to mine Mimblewimble crypto monies, therefore GPU miners can conduct their rigs and farms without even sleepless nights, worrying about lost earnings and configuration."