HashCore has a secured mining farm with a storage capacity of 25,000 miners. Based in USA and in Europe our farms are fitted with high-performance ventilation system, appropriate electricity supply and high-speed internet connection to guarantee the best quality and cost-effective services to all our clients. At HashCore we provide a turkey service giving users peace of mind at all time. Our qualified technical team and mining experts on-site 24/7 monitors the operation of the system and controls that your miners are running good. We supervise the mining operations through dedicated softwares to reduce downtime risks and maximise your cryptocurrency’s incomes. We maintain your equipments with effective dust extraction systems and monitor temperature and humidity in the air to offer a long lifetime for the miners of all our clients.



$0.15 /kWh

Up to 25 miners
Free Setup
24/7 Support
100% insurance coverage
IP for each miner
Hard Reboot
Security (Agents, Alarm...)
Daily Monitoring
Monthly Maintenance
Our Datacenter in Romania


$0.09 /kWh

25 to 100 miners
Free Setup
24/7 Support
100% insurance coverage
IP for each miner
Hard Reboot
Security (Agents, Alarm...)
Daily Monitoring
Monthly Monitoring
Our Datacenter in USA


$0.08 /kWh

100 to 250 miners
Hosting & Free Setup
24/7 Support
100% insurance coverage
IP for each miner
Hard Reboot
Security (Agents, Alarm...)
VPN Connection
Daily Monitoring
Weekly Maintenance
Our Datacenter in USA


$0.075 /kWh

250+ miners
Hosting & Free Setup
24/7 Support
100% insurance coverage
IP for each miner
Hard Reboot
Security (Agents, Alarm...)
VPN Connection
Dedicated Mining Experts
Daily Monitoring & Maintenance
Our Datacenter in USA


All our mining plans (Bronze, Silver...) includes full services with no additional cost. At HashCore we make sure that our customers and partners pay the right price for the right service.

We host your miners in the best environment.
Our facility is fitted with high end material and equipment
enabling us to operate in ideal mining conditions.
Adequate legal liability insurance policy that covers all damages
that may happen to your miners in our facilities
(theft, overpower, fire, flood, earthquake...)
Your miners are 100% insured through our insurance
company Groupama, 2nd largest mutal insurer in the world.
HashCore follows on daily basis the operations of your miners with dedicated softwares.
All miners are accessible remotely 24/7 via a vpn connection with a sub-IP for each miner.
Remote-hands support is offered and Manual reboot when miners are frozen will be made immediately by our hardware
switches or manually by our technicians on site.
Daily, weekly, monthly check of the performance of your miners, dedusting,
cleaning, changes of the sensitive parts, risers, PSU, power cables...
Every effort is made so that your miners run in the best conditions.
HashCore reports to you the performance of your miners
and if any essential upgrade is necessary in order to improve
your mining operations such as increasing hash rate, reducing
power consumption, improving cooling system and much more.
15MW power capacity installed by Oltenia Energy, the 2nd largest
producer in the country and certified by ANRE public
regulatory authority for security and insurance purposes.
Mining: For security and confidential purposes we will never connect to your pools or ewallets.
Facility: 3 security agents on site 24/7, facility equipped with alarm system, IP cameras accessible 24/7 via app, all mining equipments are 100% insured with legal liability insurance policy.
Our technical support is available 24/7 by chat, telephone or email.
Reduced downtime with back up electrical generation system, exclusive
softwares and operating procedures.
On arrival of your miners, our technical team will configure all Asic miners
and install OS (operating system) for GPU miners and provide a sub-IP for
each of your miners so you can start mining immediately.


Miner Cost


Hosting Cost


ONE TIME COST : Buy your miners with us or send your own miners.
You can either buy your Asic or GPU miners with HashCore or if you already have your own miners you can send them directly to our datacenter, also when ordering with other hardware suppliers you can ask them to ship directly to our datacenter and we will sort everything out. From building your rigs to configurating your Asics all is including in our hosting price per kWh.
Shipping is free when ordering on our store...

MONTHLY COST : Our standard hosting is based on 12 months. We settle your invoice every month based on the consumption of your miners.
Electricity is paid with the cryptocurrency earnings made by your miners.
The rest is shared 50/50 with Hashcore.
This allow you to benefit from the best price on electricity from $0.03 kW/h and keeping your miners online as long as they are profitable.
Prices per kW/h are guaranteed for 12 months. No price changes will occur on our electricity and hosting services after our agreement has been entered for any reason whatsoever.


  • Order or Send your mining GPU Rigs or Asics miners
  • Choose the Cryptocurrency you want to mine
  • HashCore hosts your miners in our secure HashCore Mining Farm Facility
  • HashCore configures your miner for immediate mining and earning
  • Every day your mining earnings are delivered and we share the infos with you
  • Every month HashCore settles an invoice for the hosting services of your miners
  • You can stop mining with us at any time after the termination of your contract, HashCore will ship you back your miners to the location of your choice


  • After 12 months of mining you have 3 options:
  • You can continue mining with HashCore, a new contract is settled.
  • HashCore sends you back your miners to the location of your choice. Delivery fees are on your cost.
  • HashCore BuyBack option: HashCore can buy back your miner equipments after 12 months. Buy back option allows you to reinvest in new and faster hash rate miners after their annual break-even. No mining downtime between the purchase of your new miners and the sale of your old miners, continue earning coins with HashCore ! Upon Hashcore's own discretion.